SneakerDrip Crease Shields V2

$34 $45
The perfect accessory for any sneaker-head. The Anti-Crease Shoe Shield is the best accessory to prevent damaging creases on your favorite sneakers. 
  • Comfortable to wear all day and removable to switch from one sneaker to another.
  • Each shield is designed with non-slip grip to prevent them from moving inside the shoe.
  • Made of high quality and flexible FOAM INSERTS for the best wearing experience.
  • Pre cut ventilation holes allows for breathability throughout the day

What size should I get?: 
The SneakerDrip Crease Stoppers fit into any shoe and they come in 2 sizes:

Small (For shoe sizes US 4 - US 7)
Large (For shoe sizes US 7 - US 15) 

How many crease shields do I get?:
Each order includes a pair of crease stoppers, one for your left shoe and one for your right shoe. The more pairs you purchase for your other shoes, the cheaper it becomes and the more of a discount you get!

Does the color matter?: 
The color does not matter and does not make a difference unless you plan on wearing them on a sneaker that has see-through material.

What shoes do they work on?
The Crease shields can work on almost every shoe! Anything from Nike Air Force 1's, Jordan's, Yeezys, Air Force 07, Air Force Lows, Custom air forces and much more!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee! 
We fully back this product, if you are not happy with it within 30 days after placing your order, we are more than happy to issue a refund! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Rasheem Mckinney

I like the first pair of shoe shields better than the v2

Rudy Pope
No creases

Love the new shields V2 don’t hurt like the original ones n the feel comfortable, got a couple more shoes comin in so I gotta buy more

Crease shields v2

Bring the original crease shields back the new ones suck! They slide in the shoe unless u use the provided 3m sticky to make em permanent to that shoe as appose to the old crease shields were you can pull out n put inside any other shoe. Unless you bring back the originals you lost a loyal customer from me.

Really works

Need to buy more soon

Marvin Diaz
Must haves if you love your sneakers!!!

I thank you so much for this!!! I had a couple of pair of exclusive Air Forces that I refused to wear a second time because they were going to get creased up, and you guys saved my life & my sneakers as well lol!! Now I have worn them a few times since I bought the crease shields!! Very very much appreciated!!!

David Vega
Great Product

I really liked the original, but you had to get it perfectly or you would have to make a few adjustments. It might have to do with my custom orthotics.

This new style is perfect and having 10 pairs of AF1 I will definitely buy more.

Andre Easterling

Awesome product !!!

No Crease On My Sneeks

The Drip works! End of story.

Tricia Smith

Great product